Publications and Presentations

Big Data

Libraries in the Big Data Era: Strategies and Challenges in Archiving and Sharing Research Data


European Geoscience Union (EGU)

EGU-OSGeo Townhalls

EGU GA 2016: Introduction to OSGeo Townhall

EGU GA 2014: Tectonic Storytelling with Open Source and Digital Object Identifiers – a case study about Plate Tectonics and the Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald

EGU GA 2014: Data Science: History repeated? – The heritage of the Free and Open Source GIS community

EGU GA 2013: Tangible 3D printouts of scientific data volumes with FOSS – an emerging field for research

EGU 2013 Splinter meeting: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in the Geosciences

EGU GA 2013: The new g.infer add-on for GRASS GIS

EGU 2012: ESSI: The FOSS GIS Workbench on the GFZ Load Sharing Facility compute cluster


AGU GA 2013: An open source workflow for 3D printouts of scientific data volumes



FOSS4g 2016: The TIB|AV Portal : OSGeo conference videos as a resource for scientific research

FOSS4G 2015 Europe: Acquisition of audiovisual Scientific Technical Information from OSGeo: A work in progress report 2015

FOSS4G 2014: First public screening of the high resolution version of the GRASS GIS video from 1987

FOSS4G 2014: GRASS GIS, Star Trek and old Video Tape – a reference case on audiovisual preservation for the OSGeo communitiess

FOSS4G 2014: D-printing with GRASS GIS – a work in progress in report

FOSS4G 2010: Advanced KML with GRASS GIS

FOSS4G 2008: FOSS4G 2008: GRASS Development with Eclipse / CDT


FOSSGIS 2015: Das audiovisuelle Erbe der OSGeo-Projekte

FOSSGIS 2014: Scientific 3D Printing with GRASS GIS

FOSSGIS 2012: RapidEye Satellitenbildkarten und GRASS GIS: Neue Optionen der Krisenkartierung in TRIDEC

FOSSGIS 2012: Funknetzabdeckung als Gruppenentscheidung mit FOSS GIS – Fallbeispiel Katzenbuckel

 GRASS Verein 2004: otentiale und Chancen von Free Open Source Software (FOSS) GIS für die Forschung und Ausbildung



GIS Day 2015: Guerilla Globes

GIS Day 2015: Geoinformatics, Open Source and Videos – a library perspective

GIS-Day 2013: 3D Printing: GIS Day 2013 Work in Progress Report

Research Data Alliance

Unlocking conference videos by DOI/MFID for software project communities


LINUX Tag 2008: 4D Data Visualisation and Quality Control

National Diet Library, Japan 2014: TIB’s action for research data managament as a national library’s strategy in the big data era

ISOPE 2013: The Evolution of Disaster Early Warning Systems in the TRIDEC Project

ISOPE 2013: Mapping the Tohoku 2011 Tsunami event with a remote sensing satellite constellation

GIS: Eine Übersicht für Lehrkräfte

Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald

INTERGEO 2012: TRIDEC Presentation

Kommunikationswerkzeug Globuskarte

Artificial Intelligence Techniques applied to Radarmeteorology and Soil Erosion Research: Studies regarding a soil erosion parameter in South Africa

Geoinformatik-Kolloquium Juni 2012: High Performance Computing Cluster GIS

Coming of Age: The positive legacy of FOSS GIS

Visualisierung Raum-Zeit Würfel